191047 1047 - PhidgetEncoder HighSpeed 4-Input

1047 - PhidgetEncoder HighSpeed 4-Input

Il PhidgetEncoder Highspeed 4-Input puo' essere usato con un'ampia gamma di encoders ottici e meccanici. L'encoder puo' essere a quadratura (canale A e B) oppure con una terza uscita. Puo' essere interfacciato con 4 encoder ad alta velocita' contemporaneamente.
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The PhidgetEncoder Highspeed 4-Input can be used with a wide assortment of mechanical and optical encoders. The encoder should be of quadrature output type, indicating that there will be two quadrature output channels (usually labeled A and B) and a third output channel (only on some encoders) to signal when the index pin (a reference point for zero position or a complete revolution) has been reached.

The PhidgetEncoder Highspeed 4-Input is able to read four encoders simultaneously. Encoders are not powered up until all initialization of the device is complete. It is possible to enable some or all encoders, depending on how many of the channels are being used. This can also be used to reduce power consumption when certain encoders are not needed.


Product Features

  • Reads up to 4 encoders simultaneously
  • Time Resolution of 1 μs
  • Includes 4 Digital Inputs for detecting the state of switches and sensors
  • Connects directly to a USB port on your PC


Product Specifications

Characteristic Value
Maximum Count Rate 250,000 counts/second
Internal Output Pull-Up Resistance 10 kilo Ohms
Software Update Rate (typical) 8 ms
USB Update Rate 125 samples/second
Time Resolution 1 μs
Max Device Current Consumption (all channels enabled) 500 mA
Min Device Current Consumption (all channels disabled) 30 mA
Maximum Current Consumption per Encoder 200 mA
Maximum Current Consumption for all Encoders 470 mA
Min/Max USB Supply Voltage 4.75 - 5.25 VDC
Encoder Input Low Voltage < 1.4 V
Encoder Input High Voltage > 1.8 V

The PhidgetEncoder Highspeed 4-Input has the added ability to time the duration between a group of quadrature changes. The time is returned in microseconds. This time value can be used to calculate velocity and acceleration.

Both mechanical and optical encoders are available, with optical encoders dominating at > 100 counts per second. Review the data sheet for the encoder you are planning to use to ensure it is compatible with the PhidgetEncoder Highspeed 4-Input. Almost any incremental quadrature encoder will work but it is important to verify this before connecting it to the Phidget. Absolute encoders will not work with this device. Ideally, you should choose a quadrature encoder with a 5-pin output and the following pinout in order to be directly compatible with the 1047.

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Comes packaged with:

  • A Mini-USB Cable 180cm
  • Four HighSpeed Encoder Cable 50cm


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