LabJack T7 - DAQ multifunzione

LabJack T7

DAQ multifunzione con porte Ethernet e USB. Consente di fare misurazioni, azionare Rele', essere programmato e gestire CNC e pressoche' qualsiasi sistema di automatismo.

ith 16-bit to 24-bit analog inputs, the option to use USB, Ethernet and numerous built-in firmware features, the T7 can help you accomplish nearly any data acquisition need.

It's great for acquiring signals from virtually any kind of sensor, and can serve that sensor data out through any of its 3 communication interfaces. With instrumentation amplified inputs, software selectable gain settings, dozens of digital I/O features, and a Modbus TCP front-end, the T7 is our most versatile multifunction DAQ platform. Common applications include laboratory research, industrial control and monitoring, automated testing, and prototype development. Additionally, T7 devices are capable of stand-alone operation by running Lua scripts. 


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