130021 DYNAMIXEL Shield


Shield per controllare i Servi Dynamixel. Supporta sia servi con interfaccia TTL che RS485
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Dynamixel Shield was created to use RC100 and Dynamixel on arduino board. We provide dynamixel library for Dynamixel Shield, it can help you to use Dynamixel easily.


 - Used to control the Dynamixel using the Arduino board. 

 - Mounts above the Arduino board and can be used with the OpenCR controller

 - Various shields can be stacked on the Dynamixel Shield

 - Comes with JST type connectors and XL-320 exclusive connectors

 - Suppports both TTL and RS-485 communication. 

 - Registered in the official Arduino library for easier access to sample codes

Dimension 52mm x 52mm
Operating Voltage 7.4V (XL320) ~ 12V (X-Series)
Current Consumption

1A (Arduino)

10A (Terminal Power Connector)



Part. No. : 902-0146-000
Interfaccia : Seriale
Tensione : 5
Tipo Shield : Ctrl Motori

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