809154 Grove - Breadboard

Grove - Breadboard

Modulo Grove con una breadboard. Utile per prototipi e per creare circuiti velocemente
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The Grove ecosystem has been evolving since the introduction of it and now we are proud to bring you the Grove – Breadboard!


This product is so unique when compared with our other products because this is not a module, not a shield, not a Hat but a breadboard! Not just a boring breadboard, but something more than that!


This breadboard comes in combination with a PCB board. So, for the very first time, this will allow you to build your very own Grove – module, and therefore will take you to a whole new level of creativity!


You will be able to build your module by leveraging the Grove port on-board and be able to use this with main controller boards such as: 

  • Seeeduino/Arduino
  • Seeed Studio BeagleBone Green
  • LinkIt One


  • On-board Grove port to enable plug-and-play connectivity
  • On-board Dupont connector for easy prototyping
  • On-board resettable fuse (PTC) for protection: 500mA max current
  • On-board Power LED to show the working status
  • Standard Grove size: 40*60mm


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Grove - Breadboard 1
Grove cable 1
4 pin Male Header 1


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