714631 Lilypad USB Plus

Lilypad USB Plus

Scheda LilyPad con microcontrollore ATmega32U4 con Arduino bootloader precaricato. Ha un regolatore di tensione gia' installato oltre ad uno switch e un LED RGB. Una soluzione completa, pronta all'uso.
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This is the LilyPad USB Plus, a sewable electronics microcontroller board controlled by an ATmega32U4 with the Arduino bootloader. It has a built in power supply JST (and recharge circuit) and an on/off switch with the only extra piece of hardware you need to program the LilyPad USB Plus being a micro-USB cable. We’ve also added an RGB LED in the dead-center of the board along with six white LEDs to act as a sort of bar graph. The LilyPad USB Plus was designed to streamline your next sewable project by keeping things simple and giving you more room to work while eliminating the need to sew a power supply.

It has fourteen sew tabs for connecting components with conductive thread. Four of these tabs are reserved for connecting power and ground of LilyPad sensors and accessory boards, and ten are input/output (I/O). For reference, each sew tab has a nearby label with its name and the pin number it is connected to on the ATmega32U4 chip at its center.

LilyPad is a wearable e-textile technology developed by Leah Buechley and cooperatively designed by Leah and SparkFun. Each LilyPad was creatively designed to have large connecting pads to allow them to be sewn into clothing. Various input, output, power, and sensor boards are available in the LilyPad line but will also work with most other wearable e-textile lines. They’re even washable!

Note: A portion of this sale is given back to Dr. Leah Buechley for continued development and education in e-textiles.


  • USB port for connecting to a computer.
  • Two sets of power (+) and ground (-) sew tabs.
  • Built-in RGB LED attached to pins 12 ®, 13 (G), and 14 (B).
  • A row of six white LEDs attached to pins 15-20.
  • Charging circuit for single-cell (3.7V) Lithium-Polymer batteries.


Part. No. : DEV-14631
Interfaccia : I/O
Tensione : 3.3
Tipo Shield : Utilita'

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