711001 Manga Guide to Electricity

Manga Guide to Electricity

Manga e' la parola Giapponese per "Fumetto" ma se siete fan dei manga probabilmente lo sapete gia'. Questo libro utilizza la tecnica manga per introdurre il lettore all'elettronica...
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Manga is the Japanese word for "comics" and consists of comics and print cartoons, but if you're a fan of manga then you probably already know that. Something you may not already know is that your love of manga may be just the motivation you need to learn the basics of electricity. After all, if you never learn the basics then how will you build that giant crime-fighting robot you've been dreaming about?

The Manga Guide to Electricity is a well-balanced book which introduces concepts through the trials and tribulations of Rereko (just your average high school girl from the land of electricity) and her ever-patient tutor Hikaru, as they work together to get Rereko through her final exam. These sometimes wacky but always informative examples are supplemented with notes and charts like you might find in a traditional textbook.

If thinking about how electricity works really fries your brain, letThe Manga Guide to Electricity teach you all things electrical in a shockingly fun way.


  • Learn what electricity is, how it works, how it's created, and how it can be used
  • Learn the relationship between voltage, current, and resistance (Ohm's law)
  • Get familiar with key electrical concepts like inductance and capacitance
  • Find out how complicated components like transformers, semiconductors, diodes, and transistors work
  • By Kazuhiro Fujitaki, Matsuda, and Trend-pro Co, Ltd.
  • ISBN: 978-1-59327-197-8
  • 224 pages

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