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Un nuovo ingresso nella linea PICAXE a 18 pin. Il 18M2 e' un microcontrollore di ultima generazione, pin configurabili, parallel tasking, piu' memoria.
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The new PICAXE-18M2 microcontroller builds on the pedigree of the ever

popular 18 pin PICAXE microcontrollers by adding these new and improved

features at no extra cost:

• Almost every pin is individually configurable, so, for instance, the 18M2

can now have 13 outputs instead of 8 – the choice is yours! Therefore M2

chips can be used in either the ‘traditional’ fixed pin format or the new

flexible ‘user configured’ format.

• Many extra ADC channels are now also available on other pins, with new

support for touch sensor inputs.

• The reset and serial input pins can now be used as 2 extra input pins,

giving 2 more general purpose input pins for your project. New software

‘reset’ command if required.


The 18M2 can now run four separate tasks in parallel, allowing a Logicator

flowsheet to contain 4 separate start cells and 4 separate flowchart tasks. Multi

tasking is also supported in BASIC program listings.

• The 18M2 device replaces all of the older 18/18A/18M/18X parts and so gives 18X

equivalent memory capacity (2048 bytes, up to 1800 lines of program) at the same

price as the older 256 byte 18A/18M – so that is 8x the memory capacity of the

older parts for no extra cost!

• Fully backwards compatible with all existing 18 pin PICAXE project boards and

programs written for any older 18 pin PICAXE part.

• New lower 1.8V operation now makes the 18M2 ideal for use with 3V battery packs - save the cost of one battery!

• Twice as many (now 28) general purpose byte variables, with

up to a total of 256 bytes of RAM.

• New ‘time’ variable counts elapsed seconds.

• 256 bytes of non-volatile data EEPROM memory.

• Faster internal resonator (up to 32MHz) means up to 8x faster

program processing.

• Full support for common features such as ring tone tunes,

servos, digital temperature sensors and infra-red input and

output on any pin.

• Full support for advanced features like DAC, SR latch,

hardware serial commands (for much faster baud rates), i2c

memory devices and PWM control of motors.

• The PICAXE-18M2 is a new custom part factory manufactured

by Microchip Inc. for Revolution Education and so is factory

engraved with the full PICAXE-18M2 name – no more

confusing PIC numbers for students to decipher!





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