710097 Serial Enabled LCD Kit

Serial Enabled LCD Kit

LCD seriale in Kit. Include il display 16x2 e tutte le parti necessarie al montaggio. Inviando i comandi via porta seriale, dal computer o da un microcontrollore, e' possibile visualizzarli sul display.
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This easy to assemble kit gives you all the parts necessary to assemble a serial 16x2 character LCD display. By sending commands over a serial port from your computer or microcontroller, you can display basic text on the included LCD display. 

The main controller IC comes preprogrammed with both the Arduino bootloader and the Serial LCD firmware; all it needs is assembly. Once assembled you can send it commands right away. The kit comes with a white on black 16x2 LCD display and everything shown in the pictures.

We've also broken out all of the ATmega328 pins so you can even use the kit as an Arduino compatible microcontroller. In order to upload new code to the LCD Kit via bootloader you'll need an FTDI Basic Breakout and have the Board setting in Arduino on 'Arduino Duemilanove or Nano w/ ATmega328.'

Check the github page below for instructions on how to use the kit. The source code is also hosted over there, if you want to take a look.


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