708681 SoftPot Potenziometro a Membrana - 500mm

SoftPot Potenziometro a Membrana - 500mm

Il SoftPot e' un sottile potenziometro lineare. Facendo pressione sulle varie zone dello strip, la resistenza varia in modo lineare, da 100Ohm a 10KOhm consentendo all'Utente di calcolare, in modo molto accurato, la posizione relativa sullo strip.
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 These are very thin variable potentiometers. By pressing down on various parts of the strip, the resistance linearly changes from 100Ohms to 10,000Ohms allowing the user to very accurately calculate the relative position on the strip. Can be used as an accurate positional indicator for CNC head positioning, variable user input (volume level input for example), straight user input (multiple button areas translate to given resistance levels), and many other applications.

Unit comes with adhesive backing. Connector is 0.1" spaced and bread board friendly.

Note: These potentiometers work great with a finger, or stylus. For premium repeatability, the wiper listed below is perfect for machine and object positioning.


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