500089 Solarbotics Ardweeny

Solarbotics Ardweeny

La piu' piccola soluzione basata su Arduino, con ATmega328 incluso. Occorre un adattatore USB-Seriale TTL per la programmazione.
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Looking to build the smallest, handiest, bread-board friendly Arduino-compatible? The Ardweeny fits on the back of the included ATmega328, taking up no more valuable breadboard space than the microcontroller itself!

We love Arduino. Those Italians know how to design an excellent microcontroller platform and share it with the world. And Mr. Kimio Kosaka's "One-Chip-Arduino" project inspired us to develop the Ardweeny; the smallest Arduino you can build yourself with through-hole components!

We've designed a backpack printed-circuit board the fits on top of an Atmel ATmega168. straddling it. Solder the pins to the microcontroller's legs, and you're ready to join the open-source hardware revolution!

  • Fully Arduino-compatible!
  • Stacks onto the back of an ATmega328 chip (included)
  • Takes same 28-pin footprint as the microcontroller itself!
  • Features Pin-13 LED and reset button
  • Simple construction - only 7 parts plus pins & PCB!
  • Ideal for breadboard applications

Note: Requires external USB-to-TTL FTDI-type cable or adapter

Documentation:Solarbotics Ardweeny Manual

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