201022 Solid State Relay Phidget

Solid State Relay Phidget

Modulo del sistema VINT che consiste in un rele' a stato solido con 10A di potenza sia AC che DC, Ideale per controllare carichi fino ad un massimo di 30V. Sistema VINT
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Capable of switching up to 10 amps of current in either AC or DC, If you're looking for a convenient way to control power for a circuit or device up to a maximum of 30V, this is the Phidget you need. Solid state relays switch silently and quickly, and last much longer than mechanical relays. This Phidget is isolated from input to output, so you don't have to worry about damaging your VINT Hub or computer if you have a power surge on the load side.

Product Specifications

Board Properties
Controlled By Digital Output (5V)
Relay Properties
Turn-off Time Max 50 ns
Turn-on Time Max 50 ns
Electrical Properties
Current Consumption Max 20 mA
Isolation Voltage (AC) 3.8 kV AC
Load Voltage Max (AC) 30 V AC
Load Voltage Max (DC) 30 V DC
Load Current Max (AC) 10 A
Load Current Max (DC) * 10 A

* - If you need to switch a DC circuit at over 10A, take a look at the technical section of the user guide for wiring that will permit up to 20A.


Part. No. : REL2103

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