115070 Starter Shield EN(Tick Tock shield)

Starter Shield EN(Tick Tock shield)

Shield ideale per i neofiti. E' corredato da pulsanti, buzzer, sensori, display, etc. Consente molte sperimentazioni e puo' essere programmato come un orologio/allarme. Fornito in kit, il montaggio e' adatto anche agli utenti meno esperti.
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Starter Shield is a perfect start for beginners of Arduino world. You can learn and practice basic soldering tricks and programming principles when tinkering with this kit. Electronic could be fun even if you have bare technical knowledge cause we get your back by preparing a detailed soldering guide and a fully supported library of programming examples from easy to difficult. Hope you have fun and gain some knowledge with this kit!
Starter Shield contains most common resources for a basic electronic project, like buttons, sensors, buzzer and display. After you're done with the soldering task, it turns out to be a geek style alarm clock which can auto adjust the brightness of display and keep in synch with real world time.
  • All soldering friendly through-hole parts
  • Alarm clock in geek style
  • All-in-one platform for beginners
  • Arduino/Seeeduino compatible
  • Real time clock inside
Parts List:
  • 1x Buzzer 3V;
  • 1x CAP Aluminum 100uF-16V;
  • 1x Temperature Sensor-10k;
  • 1x RES Photoresistor 10K;
  • 4x RES 10K-5%-1/4W;
  • 4x RES 220R-5%-1/4W;
  • 3x RES 4.7K-5%-1/4W;
  • 2x Blue Male Header VERT;
  • 2x Blue Male Header VERT;
  • 1x Blue Female Header VERT;
  • 1x Lithium-ion Battery 3V-40mAh;
  • 1x SMD Battery Cell Holder Plastic;
  • 1x IC Driver;
  • 1x RTC Clock/Timing;
  • 2x IC Socket;
  • 3x Button Top;
  • 2x Black Round Female Header VERT;
  • 1x LED Green-Green;
  • 1x LED Blue-Blue;
  • 2x LED Red-Red;
  • 1x LED 7-SEG-Red;
  • 1x Crystal 32.768KHz-12.5pF-20ppm-30K;
  • 2x CAP Ceramic Disc 1nF-50V-20%;
  • 1x CAP Ceramic Disc 100nF-25V;
  • 1x Starter Shield Soldering Guide
  • 1x Starter Shield PCB
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Part. No. : 104030016
Interfaccia : I/O
Tensione : 5
Tipo Shield : Utilita'

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