120100 Beginner Kit for Arduino (Best Starter Kit)

Beginner Kit for Arduino (Best Starter Kit)

This kit will guide you through the world of the sensing, controlling the physical world through sensors and arduino microcontroller via carefully designed project.
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Welcome to the electronic interaction world!  DFRobot proudly presents the  Arduino Beginner/Starter Kit for those who are interested in learning about Arduino and electronics. Starting from basic LED control to more advanced environmental sensing, monitoring and actuators. This kit will guide you  through the world of the sensing, controlling the physical world through sensors and arduino microcontroller via carefully designed project.  

The new version comes with 20 high quality components and 15 project flash cards which make the kit easy to learn and teach.   
A DFRduino UNO R3 (Compatible with Arduino Uno R3), the most stable and commonly used Arduino processor which is 100% compatible with Arduino IDE, together with DFRobot's best selling arduino prototype shield are included in this kit. Besides premium quality jumper wires, double resistors, more leds, 9g servo, IR remote transmitter and receiver, 4 more useful components are added: relay, motor, fan and potentiometer. Now you can play more fantastic arduino projects!

We also created project reference flash cards with wiring guides of each project for you, so you can make it faster and minimize errors.

All the components package inside are extremely easy to locate and relocate quickly with our customized black labels.
We've listened all your requests and worked to provide better quality products, even for beginners.
Arduino Projects Content List:
What is Arduino?
Arduino Project 1: LED Flashing
Arduino Project 2: S.O.S distress signal
Arduino Project 3: Interactive traffic lights
Arduino Project 4: Breathing LED
Arduino Project 5: Color RGB LED
Arduino Project 6: Alarm
Arduino Project 7: Temperature Alarm
Arduino Project 8: Vibration Sensor
Arduino Project 9: Light Sensitive LED
Arduino Project 10: How to Drive A Servo
Arduino Project 11: Controllable Servo
Arduino Project 12: Interactive Adjustable RGB LED
Arduino Project 13: DIY Fan
Arduino Project 14: IR Remote Controlled LED
Arduino Tutorial 15: Infrared controlled LED Matrix

Beginner Kit For Arduino Mobile Application
Quick Download Link "After a lot of research I purchased this kit as a gift for my 7th grade son. The combination of the components, the packaging and the documentation make this one of the best beginner kits. The DFRobot website (https://www.dfrobot.com) is extremely well put together with details of all of the components. The site has a product Wiki that supplements the included documentation that is easily accessible from the product page. Each component has an associated experiment that introduces the user to Arduino concepts in an accessible and fun way. This kit essentially implements Arduino/Electronics/Micro-controllers "by numbers" in a great quality package (see painting by numbers). 
The box is not large or bulky but big enough such that all the components can be easily placed back inside, even with assembled or partially completed projects on the breadboard and Arduino. There is a little room to grow as well. Each of the small pieces has an individual, well labeled, plastic bag so that components can be easily kept organized, a must for younger beginners.

I also purchased a larger kit from another vendor for myself to use and to get the additional modules/components. Although that kit has more stuff and was a good bargain, at this point, I regret not paying a little more for the larger DFRobot kit.

"I always wanted to learn about Arduino and this kit has helped a lot" - the happy recipient of this awesome kit.

I am surprised that there are not more reviews for this kit on Amazon. I will be purchasing more DFRobot gear." By RBM from Amazon. 



  • DFRduino UNO R3  x1
  • Prototyping Shield  x1
  • Jumper Cables M/M x30
  • Jumper Cables F/M x10
  • Resistor 220R x20
  • Resistor 4.7K x20
  • Resistor 10K x20
  • Resisitor 1K x20
  • 5mm LED x10
  • IR Receiver Diode x1
  • Mini Push Button x4
  • Ambient Light Sensor x1
  • Tilt Switch Sensor x1
  • 8-Segment LED x1
  • LM35 Temperature Sensor x1
  • Relay x1
  • Buzzer x1
  • Fan x1
  • 130 Motor x1
  • 10K Potentiometer x3
  • Micro Servo x1
  • Mini Controller (with battery CR2025 inside) x1
  • 6 x AA Battery Holder x1
  • 400 Tie Point Interlocking Solderless Breadboard  x1


Part. No. : DFR0100
Interfaccia : I/O
Tensione : 5
Tipo Shield : Utilita'

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